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State-of-the-art Transfusion Medicine and Blood Centre department of Balco Medical Centre is equipped with the facilities of modern blood banking, 100 % blood components, donor and therapeutic apheresis, Immunohematology, Leucodepletion and Irradiation facilities run by a team of dedicated Transfusion Medicine specialist and technicians. The department has modern blood banking with 100% blood component facility through automated blood component extractor. Available blood components are Packed Red cells, Platelet Concentrate, Fresh frozen plasma, Cryoprecipitate & Buffy Coat.

Apheresis Facilities:

Donor apheresis: 

  • Plateletpheresis for single donor platelet (SDP) collection 
  • Plasma apheresis
  • Haematopoitic Stem Cell Apheresis (for Bone marrow transplantation) 
  • Leukapheresis (Granulocyte collection)

Therapeutic apheresis:

  • Therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)
  • Therapeutic Leukapheresis
  • Therapeutic Red Cell Exchange (RCE) - Erythrocytapheresis
  • Haematopoitic Stem Cell Apheresis (HSCT)

Immunohaematology Services:

  1. Red Cell Antigen Phenotyping
  2. Antibody screening & identification
  3. Coombs testing (DCT & ICT)
  4. Resolution of:
  • Incompatible cross match
  • ABO discrepancies 
  • Transfusion reactions 
  • DCT positive cases

Additional services:

  1. Facilitation of Intrauterine transfusion (IUT) procedures for severe HDFN (Hemolytic Disease of Fetus and Newborn)
  2. Therapeutic phlebotomy 
  3. Leucoreduction of blood components
  4. Irradiation of blood components

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Dr. Neelesh Jain

Transfusion Medicine & Blood Bank Services

Dr. Neelesh Jain