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Nuclear medicine is a multidisciplinary field that develops and uses instrumentation and tracers (radiopharmaceuticals) to study physiological processes and noninvasively diagnose, stage, and treat diseases. Particularly, it offers a unique means to study cancer biology in vivo and to optimize cancer therapy for individual patients. Nuclear medicine imaging, including single-photon emission computer tomography (SPECT) and positron emission tomography (PET-CT), can provide important functional information and quantitative about normal tissues or disease conditions, in contrast to conventional, anatomical imaging techniques.

The role of nuclear medicine in cancer therapy involves use of tumor-targeting agents, conjugated with therapeutic radionuclides, used to deposit lethal radiation at tumor & metastatic sites.


The Nuclear Medicine department is backed by highly trained and experienced Nuclear Medicine Physicians and Physicist/RSO specialised in the field of Nuclear Medicine. It is equipped with 68Ga generator that helps in-house radiopharmaceutical formulation of 68Ga-PSMA/DOTA. The department has successfully started 177-Lu PSMA Therapy for the first time in Central India.


Diagnostic Procedures Conducted:


SPECT-CT: Bone Scan, Renal Scan, Thyroid Scan, Iodine scan, Cardiac Scan, Para Thyroid Scan, Sentinel Node Mapping, Lung Ventilation/Perfusion Scan, Brain Scan, Liver Scan, Hepatobiliary Scan, GI Bleed Scan, Meckel’s Diverticulum Scan, Gastric Emptying Scan, Salivary Gland Scan, Lymphoscintigraphy, Bone Marrow Imaging, Infection/Inflammation Imaging.




Cardiac PET CT Scan


Therapeutic Procedures:

Lutetium (177Lu-PSMA/DOTA) Therapy – For Carcinoma Prostate /Neuroendocrine tumour

High dose Radioiodine Therapy (131-I) – for Well differentiated thyroid carcinoma

Low dose Radioiodine Therapy (131-I) – for treating Hyperactive thyroid gland

131-I MIBG Therapy – for Neuroblastoma

Bone Pain Palliation Therapy (153-Sm, 177Lu-EDTMP)

Our Experts


Dr. Jay Kumar Rai

Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Jay Kumar Rai


Dr. Vivek Baghel

Nuclear Medicine

Dr. Vivek Baghel