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Allied Services

For complete and holistic recovery of patients, Balco Medical Centre offers allied services like dietary services, psychological counselling, dental, physiotherapy, speech & swallowing therapy and rehabilitation services.

Dietary Services

Balco Medical Centre has taken special steps to create a system which meets the special dietary requirements of cancer patients while not compromising with the taste. The food is prepared in a hygienic environment and a team of qualified nutritionists prepares the diet chart for every patient separately.

Stringent quality control is followed at the Food & Beverage department and our facility being awarded an “Eat Right Campus” & 5-star hygiene rating by FSSAI is a testament to it.

Psychological Counselling

From diagnosis to treatment, people experiencing the cancer treatment journey often face emotional and physical trauma. Along with the individuals undergoing treatment, caregivers usually experience equal levels of stress, sometimes even more. At Balco Medical Centre, our qualified Clinical Psychologist provide counselling and psychotherapy to patients maintaining confidentiality.

Mental Health Services Provided:

• Family counselling and therapy for caregivers and attendants

• Group sessions with patients for enhanced coping and support

• De-addiction Clinic

• Behaviour modification for children

Dental Services

The dental department at Balco Medical Centre goes beyond the scope of general dental treatment to include management of the mouth’s soft tissues and care for treatment side effects specific to oral cavity. Our trained and experienced dentist plays a vital role throughout cancer treatment by preventing and managing mouth sores, dental needs, oral pain and infections. For head and neck cancer patients and those on medication for bone damage, continuing dental care is very crucial.

Rehabilitation Services

Balco Medical Centre offers rehabilitation services, which includes a wide variety of therapies that are designed with the goal of helping patients to build strength, reduce stress, increase endurance, regain independence and sustain the energy needed to continue treatment and participate in daily activities.


Physiotherapists at Balco Medical Centre help with regaining movement and avoiding complications after cancer surgeries. They play a key role in assessing and rehabilitating balance, co-ordination, strength and mobility in patients whose cancer affects their nervous system. Physiotherapists teach and assist patients treated for various cancers like breast, prostate and haematological cancer to perform various exercises that improves mobility, fitness, muscular strength, and quality of life. They also consult to minimise the risk of developing lymphoedema, and, offer lymphoedema management.

Speech & Swallowing Therapy

Patients undergoing treatment for Head & Neck cancer experience trouble in both speech and swallowing, which in turn affect the patient's quality of life and ability to survive in the society. At Balco Medical Centre, we offer speech and swallowing therapy during the first 3 months post-treatment to get maximum benefits like understandability of speech, as judged by naive listeners, percent accuracy of production of consonant sounds and oropharyngeal swallow efficiency on liquid and paste.

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Ms Richa Tewari