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National Symposium

Posted by Balco Medical Centre (Vedanta Medical Research Fou | 27 March 2019

Host : Balco Medical Centre (Vedanta Medical Research Fou

Location : Hotel Babylon International, VIP Road, Raipur

Start Date : 23 March 2019 12:00 PM

End Date : 23 March 2019 08:00 PM

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Balco Medical Centre is delighted to bring three well established associations among medical fraternity say AOI, IMA and Surgeons Club Raipur under a same roof for National Symposium. 3 subject matter experts of international repute say Dr D G Vijay, Dr Kaustubh Patel and Dr Sunil Gupta were the speakers. More than 150 healthcare professionals including Dr Siddharth Nanda (HOD Radiation Oncology AIIMS Raipur), Dr Pradeep Chandraker (Associate Professor Pt JNMC Raipur), Dr Ashutosh Gupta (Associate Professor Pt JNMS Raipur), Dr Anil Jain (President AOI and IMA), Dr Subhash Agrawal (President Surgeons Club Raipur) & Dr Manish Reghani (Secretary AOMIS Raipur) participated in the National Symposium. All the speakers & doctors appreciated the initiatives and the work Balco Medical Centre is doing towards building cancer free society.