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BMC Chhattisgarh Cancer Conclave - Live Surgery Workshop

Posted by BALCO MEDICAL CENTRE, RAIPUR | 16 October 2023

Host : BALCO Medical Centre

Location : Balco Medical Centre, Vedanta Medical Research Foundation, Sector 36, Atal Nagar, Naya Raipur, CG

Start Date : 17 June 2023 09:30 AM

End Date : 17 June 2023 12:00 PM

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Live demonstration of Breast Surgery: The workshop gave a deep insight into the current management of breast cancer and shed light on patient selection for upfront surgery vs. neoadjuvant chemotherapy, targeted therapy, and immunotherapy followed by reconstruction techniques. Through three different case capsules, the workshop also focused on the management of axilla-like sentinel lymph node mapping and oncoplastic breast surgery which has proven to improve the quality of life in patients’ post-surgery. The workshop was attended by 42 delegates. Padmashree Dr. R.A. Badwe, Director, TMC, Mumbai demonstrated the technique of Peritumoral infiltration of local anaesthesia, which has shown to reduce recurrence rates in breast cancer. This technique was discussed at length and received applause during the workshop. Case 1: Sentinel lymph node mapping by dual tracer technique and round block oncoplasty was demonstrated by Dr. Joy Ghose, faculty from Pune along with Dr. Ajit Agarwal and Dr. Dipanjan Biswas from BMC.  Case 2: Oncoplastic breast surgery by matrix rotation flap for upper inner quadrant tumour was demonstrated by Dr. Geeta Kadayaprath, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Delhi along with Dr. Mou Roy, BMC.   Case 3: Skin-sparing mastectomy with whole breast reconstruction with latissimus dorsi flap and implant by Dr. Shalaka Joshi, TMC, Mumbai along with Dr. Dipmalya Chatterjee and Dr. Noopur Priya from BMC.